How to maintain reclaimed teak

For those who loves natural and country atmosphere around your house, picking up reclaimed teak furniture is the right choice.   The natural look and its simplicity bring the feeling of peace and getting close to the nature. The campaign of green living these days also affects people to choose reclaimed teak furniture for their homes since people reuse the used wood material to make the furniture which means saving more trees.


Though reclaimed teak furniture is well known for its natural beauty and durability for indoor and outdoor use, we have to maintain them by treating them well. Simple regular treatments will keep them clean and good looking, and surely the dullness and being mossy will be away from our reclaimed teak furniture.

Here are the simple treatments we can do maintain our reclaimed teak furniture.




1.    Indoor Reclaimed Teak Furniture


a. Regularly clean the furniture with wet cloth and then finished by wiping with dry cloth.
b. For rustic surface, you can use vacuum cleaner or duster to clean the dust between the rustic gaps.
c. To keep natural look of teak, wipe the furniture with pledge or teak oil along the teak grain once in three months.

 2.       Outdoor Reclaimed Teak Furniture


The simple maintenance for reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is generally the same with indoor ones., but for intensive treatment dealing with the outdoor weather, we have to take more action since outdoor furniture need more attention on it.

  1. For unfinished reclaimed outdoor teak, re-sanding the surface is strongly suggested.
  2. We can also put anti UV every 6 months to a year.
  3. Avoid the moss on furniture by the furniture away from puddles of water.
  4. When there are some moss on out outdoor furniture, take hot water, mix with bleaching powder then brush the mossy parts with that mixture.

Let’s keep our reclaimed teak furniture clean and beautiful!


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