1. How long will it take to finish my order?
    8-9 weeks/ 1×40 HC
  2. What kind of finishing do you use?
    We use many kinds of finishing depending on your needs. But you may order unfinished teak furniture
  3. Do you guarantee that your prices are competitive?
    Yes, all our up to dated-low prices will be posted by e-mail to you as your request or as soon as we receive your online order.
  4. Why is teak wood always the first choice than other timbers especially for outdoor teak furniture and teak wooden house, though it’s more expensive?
    • It’s the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers
    • It’s extremely rot and parasite resistant
    • Teak furniture does not require babying or covering during bad weather. You can leave it out for 80 years and your crafts will still be there
    • Teak furniture and teak wooden house weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting
  5. How many items will fit into 20-feet and 40-feet containers?
    A 20ft container holds 30 cubic meters. A 40ft container holds 60 cubic meters. Quantity of items will depend on the size of items that will be selected. Once you have made your selection, the volume of your order will be calculated.
  6. Can you help me with shipping arrangements?
    Yes, we can help you to choose a professional freight forwarding company. So, you can rest assured that your crafts will reach your address safe and sound.
  7. What is your return policy? Damaged goods?
    In cases where items are damaged we will need you to supply us with photos of the damaged pieces and a short description of the problem and your estimated cost of the damage. We will offer you credit for your next order.
  8. How do I place an order?
    Before you decide to make your purchase, please choose your selection, and send us your email to clarify your final order.