Colonial Style.

 New Reclaimed Teak Collection: Colonial Style.

colonial style
colonial style

What’s the strong and beautiful wood for furniture? Teak wood is the right answer. It is undeniable that teak wood is also called king of the wood. This tropical wood is well known as the best qualified wood for furniture from long time ago for its durability and beautiful look of its grain. The new and also the recycled ones of this woods are commonly use to make furniture, flooring, craft and other wooden products. Reclaimed teak wood furniture is one of teak wood furniture products which will offers you different taste and special furniture products.

Reclaimed teak wood is generally re-used as material for making indoor and outdoor furniture. These recycled wood materials came from various sources such as old teak door, Javanese gebyog, teak wood house pillar, even wooden stable. The plus points of using reclaimed teak furniture are surely because of the durability of the furniture itself and also the beauty of the wood. The strength and durability of reclaimed teak wood makes the furniture with this material stay away from common furniture flaws such as cracking, splitting, bending and termite resist. Feel the beauty look of the reclaimed teak furniture by touching the surface which beautified with fine smooth sanding or rustic surface finishing.

For the production side, producing reclaimed teak furniture is simple and efficient since it doesn’t take longer production time compared with producing furniture with new teak material. Reclaimed teak furniture doesn’t need to be kilned dry. It is because the woods are dry naturally by the time and weather without any human treatment for the dry process. Thus, the production for reclaimed teak furniture items will be 2-3 weeks quicker than new teak furniture production.


Now you can find new collection of reclaimed teak furniture at We have new collection of reclaimed teak items in colonial style. Commonly, reclaimed teak furniture is designed in minimalist style which is indicated by simple shape, square domination, and minimalist style. The new idea of developing reclaimed teak products is now applied in reclaimed teak furniture colonial style by our designers and craftsmen.

Colonial style furniture is influenced by the style of furniture in the colonial era in Indonesia. This style is symbolized and applied in the simple curving, and elegant shape which give more the aesthetic of reclaimed teak furniture. Combined with brass accessories for handles and hinges in oldies color adds more antique and colonial taste value on the furniture.  Though the reclaimed teak items are using unfinished color stain for the surface, they show the beautiful character with their simplicity. Obviously, the teak wood grain is simply awesome.

Our new collection of colonial style reclaimed teak definitely will beautify your private house, summerhouse, and your projects of natural-themed hotel and resort projects. For more details about our latest collection of colonial style reclaimed teak collection, please click the link or contact me Grab it fast and be the number one to have this special collection.